Scholarly Organizations

  • Organizations for the Study of Religion in General
  • American Academy of Religion
    The largest membership organization of Religious Studies and academically oriented religious professionals in North America. A variety of services are offered from the web site, including information about the annual meeting which is convened in November.
  • Association for the Sociology of Religion
    Meets annually in conjunction with the American Sociological Association and publishes the journal Sociology of Religion.
  • Australian Association for the Study of Religions
    [The major Australian membership organization for the study of religion.]
  • Canadian Society for the Study of Religion
    [The major membership organization for Religious Studies professionals in Canada.]
  • Danish Association for the History of Religions
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  • European Association for the Study of Religions
    [The inaugural meeting was convened in Poland in May 2000.]
  • International Association for the History of Religions
    [IAHR membership includes more than thirty national organizations in various countries around the world. Its work is mainly centred on its major congresses, held once every five years as well as regional conferences and special conferences held in the intervening years. It sponsors a number of publications, including the journals NUMEN and Science of Religion. See information about the Tokyo Conference.]
  • North American Association for the Study of Religion
    [An organization formed in 1985 to encourage the historical, comparative, structural, theoretical and cognitive study of religion. Meets annually with the American Academy of Religion and the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion. Sponsors the journal Method & Theory in the Study of Religion. It is the only organization in North America that is affiliated with the International Association for the History of Religions.]
  • Religious Research Association
    [A North American membership association that meets annual with the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion and publishes the Review of Religious Research.]
  • Society for the Anthropology of Religion
  • Society for the Scientific Study of Religion
    [The SSSR was organized to stimulate and communicate scientific research on religious institutions and religious experience. Scholars from all fields of study who are interested in the scientific exploration of religion are among its members.]

    Organizations for the Study of Specific Aspects of Religion
  • CESNUR - Centro Studi sulle Nuove Religioni
    [Center for the Study of New Religions in Italy. Information about annual Congresses, archive of information about past Congresses.]
  • Society of Biblical Literature
    ["The Society of Biblical Literature, founded in 1880, is one of the oldest learned societies in the U.S. and has a membership of nearly 7,000. Its purpose is to stimulate the critical investigation of biblical literature, together with other related literature, by the exchange of scholarly research both in published form and in public forum. The SBL endeavors to support those disciplines and subdisciplines pertinent to the illumination of the literatures and religions of the ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean regions, such as the study of ancient languages, textual criticism, history, and archaeology."]
  • Society for the Study of Japanese Religions
    [A membership organization for study of various religious traditions that have become part of Japanese history and culture.]
  • UK Association for Buddhist Studies
    [Based at the University of Sunderland and founded by Peter B. Harvey.]

    Linking Organizations
  • American Council of Learned Societies
    [A major coalition of scholarly organizations in the United States. The web site offers a linked list of constituent learned societies and a page of other online scholarly resources.]
  • Canadian Corporation for Studies in Religion
    [Very useful and resource rich site of the parent organization of the major Canadian society for Religious Studies.]
  • The Council of Societies for the Study of Religion
    [Among its main functions is the publication of directories of academic departments and individual scholars. As a council, it is composed of constituent organizations that are conveniently linked from its web site.]
  • Scholarly Societies Project
    [A set of links to a large number of professional organizations, arranged by discipline or subject-matter field. A service of the Scholarly Societies Project at the University of Waterloo (Canada).]
  • Social Science Research Council
    [The web site is designed to inform social scientists and students of social science about the activities of the SSRC. Scholars interested in applying for an SSRC grant will find descriptions of fellowship programs, information about SSRC publications, and an SSRC Hyperlink Index to sites of other scholarly, professional, and granting organizations.]

    Related Scholarly Organizations
  • American Anthropological Association
    [The most comprehensive organization for academic study of anthropology in North America.]
  • American Philosophical Association
    [The main professional society for academic study of philosophy in the United States.]
  • American Psychological Association
    [Largest professional society for academic study of psychology in the United States. Its Division 36 deals with psychology of religion.]
  • American Sociological Association
    [The major professional society for academic study of sociology in the United States.]
  • Association for Asian Studies
    [Society for Asianists. Headquarters in the United States. A large percentage of members are specialists in the study of East Asia (mainly China or Japan).]
  • Canadian Asian Studies Association
  • Society for Values in Higher Education
    [In 1923, Professor Charles Foster Kent of Yale University and his friends established a fellowship program to encourage teaching and scholarship in the field of religion. The Kent Fellows then founded an organization for continuing professional study and discussion. In 1962, the Danforth Foundation assumed responsibility for funding the Kent Fellowship Program and alumni of the Danforth programs joined together as the Society for Religion in Higher Education. In 1975, the members voted to adopt the present name. In 1996, the society's office moved to Portland State University in Oregon. Annual meetings are convened each summer.]

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