I Ching or Yi Jing

  • The I Ching translated by Richard Wilhelm
    [A simple HTML version of the Wilhelm translation.]
  • I Ching Lexicon
    [Self-description of the site: "This site is a study aid for the I Ching. It will be of interest mostly to intermediate- to-advanced students of the text. The basic structure of this web starts from the Hexagram square, where each Hexagram (diagram with 6 lines) links to the complete text associated with that hexagram. From the text, every Chinese character links to its definition, where related information such as radical, stroke count, tone, Pinyin, and sometimes comparative English translations."]
  • The I Ching on the Net
    [The most current and best English-language source for translations, commentaries, and other links relating to the I Ching. Links to the text in Chinese are included as well, with instructions on how to set your web browser to display the characters. The site is maintained by Gregory Whincup from Pacific Coast Net in Victoria, British Columbia. He is the author of Rediscovering the I Ching (St. Martin's Press, 1996).]
  • I Ching Links
    [A variety of resources to help appreciate the I Ching "with clarity."]
  • Original I Ching: A Self-Awareness Practice
    [A creative method of using the hexagrams "to explore the way our minds work." that was developed by Dan Stackhouse.]
  • I Ching Divination Software
    [Some examples are linked from the Commercial Ventures subpage here, and others are linked from the I Ching on the Net site.]

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