Updated with new information on Aug. 10th 1997 

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Rkkody Media and Events  Upcoming media events, Documentaries, and other Heaven's Gate related events 
Who is Rkkody Who is Rkkody  (Information about Rkkody (Chuck Humphrey), and the Right to Know 
Who is Rkkody July 16th, 1997 -  Movie "Contact"    New movie shows Heaven's Gate scene
Who is Rkkody July 19th, 1997 -  Book available   The big blue book, "How and When Heaven's Gate May Be Entered",  is now available from Right to Know. 
Who is Rkkody July 19th, 1997 -  "heavensgate.com" Web site   A report on the original "heavensgate.com" web site.  What happened to it, will it return? 
Who is Rkkody July 31th, 1997 -  "Ti and Do Audio Tapes"   Audio tape made in the classroom by Ti and DO.
Who is Rkkody Aug. 10th, 1997 -  "Public Viewing in Berkley"   A  public viewing of some of the video tapes made by Do prior to their exit.
July 16th, 1997New movie shows Heaven's Gate scene 

CONTACT - The current movie staring Jody Foster depicts a scientist who makes contact with an alien race.  The movie has some really good special effects and if you like space, then this movie is MUST SEE
Interestingly, there is a scene where references are made to "mass suicides" and the infamous house in Ranch Santa Fe is shown with ambulances and people removing the Heaven's gate member's "dead" bodies. 

July 19th, 1997 - Book Available  

The big blue book, How and When Heaven's Gate May Be Entered is now available from Right to Know. 

This book was originally published by the group and they made it clear that the book was to be available after their exit.  They even copyrighted the book with the intention that it could be copied by anyone providing it was not changed.  The book has been reproduced exactly as their original work.  It even has the same foil embossed cover.  It is a very large 225 legal size pages and contains information that spans over 22 years. 

Here is the copyright statement from the book. 

@Common Copyright Law
1996 by Heaven's Representatives
Printed in the New Mexico Republic, the United States of America
U.C.C. 1-207, U.C.C. 1-103.6

This book is protected by Common Law copyright.  Permission is hereby granted to reproduce this book, or portions thereof, as long as the content is unchanged, i.e., nothing added to it or taken away from it as long as it is for non-commercial purposes. 

No part of this publication  may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, now know or to be invented or adapted, for the purpose of financial gain or profit. 

July 19th, 1997 - heavensgate.com web site report   

The original "heavensgate.com" web site that was set up by the group has been permanently disabled by an unknown source.  There are two web sites [no longer] presently on-line [at http://www.heavensgate.to   and http://www.heavensgatetoo.com]. These two sites are  operated by former members of the group who were asked to administer their sites 

July 30th, 1997Ti and Do Audio tape from 1984 

Download an audio tape made in the classroom by Ti and DO on 9/05/1984.  This is just one of many tapes made during the 22 years of the classroom   Most of the tapes contain the core teachings of Ti and Do. Here is another you can download that tells of these tapes and how the world might respond to them

Aug. 10th, 1997Public viewing of Video tape from 1996 

Several Video tapes were made in the classroom by Ti and DO.  This is the first time former members will be showing these tapes in a free public viewing to take place around Aug. 23rd, 1997 in Berkley Ca.  

The tape we have selected for this event [and earlier available from http://www.heavensgate.to/misc/vt092996.htm which is no longer in operation] is titled "Last Chance to Evacuate Earth Before Recycling" and was made by Do on 9/26/1996.  We are hoping these events might help offer a more accurate perspective of what Heaven's Gate was about.