Literary Canons

  • Christian Classics Ethereal Library
    [Christian classics in various electronic formats (some .txt, some html, and some .pdf) available from an author index. More than one version will be indexed if available. See the "What's New" information. This archive is frequently updated. An excellent resource, launched by Harry Plantinga at Wheaton College in Illinois.]
  • Great Books Foundation
    [An organization. long associated with the University of Chicago and Encyclopaedia Britannica, that supports purchase, reading, and discussion of great books of western civilization.]
  • Great Books Index
    [Access to authors from Aeschylus to Woolf is from a single-page index. Also a few well-selected links to other great books and literature sites. Economical, no distractions. Maintained and regularly updated by Ken Roberts.]
  • Internet Classics Archive
    [A searchable collection of nearly 400 Greek and Roman classic texts in English translation, with user-provided commentary, a temporarily featured work and an occasionally revised classics trivia question. Maintained by Daniel C. Stevenson.]
  • Malaspina Great Books Home Page
    [Searchable database maintained by Russell McNeil on Vancouver Island.]

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