Literature Resources in English

  • A Celebration of Women Writers
    [Clear links to resources on women authors and their works throughout history.]
  • Guides to Electronic Texts
    [Introductions, indexes, guides, and links to ancient and modern texts available on the internet as well as "ezines" or electronic magazines.]
  • Literary Canons
    [A set of pages that feature one and/or another version of the "great books" of human (or Western) civilization.]
  • Poet's Corner
    [An index of links to online works of poets.]
  • Selected Modern Authors
    [An idiosyncratic selection of modern male authors from Douglas Adams through Franz Kafka to John Updike. Despite the unintentionally sexist character of this selection, there are pointers to some excellent web pages.]
  • Booksellers and Bibliophiles
    [A selection of internet sites for collectors, sales, and bibliphilia.]

    Literature Search Assistance
  • Literature on the Net
    [A large collection of literature that is in the public domain.]

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