Guides to Electronic Texts

  • Alex: A Catalogue of Electronic Texts on the Internet (U. California, Berkeley)
    [A searchable e-text database authored by Eric Lease Morgan.]
  • Association for Library Service to Children
    [See their "Great Websites for Kids" page.]
  • English Server
    [A pioneering presence on the web. Keyword searchable and topically organized links to resources inclusive of books, publishing, literature, literary theory and criticism.]
  • E-Zine-List
    [A directory of electronic magazines from around the world, updated more-or-less monthly, and recently containing nearly 1700 titles. Established by John Labovitz and currently maintained by a cooperative. Alphabetical and keyword searches are supported.]
  • Literary Resources on the Net
    [A search engine and set of links maintained by Jack Lynch at the University of Pennsylvania. Supports searches by word(s) or via any one of the following categories: Classical and Biblical, Medieval, Renaissance, Eighteenth-Century, Romantic, Victorian British, Twentieth-Century, American, Theatre and Drama, Theory, Women's Literature and Feminism, Ethnicities and Nationalities, Other National Literatures, Bibliography and History of the Book, Hypertext, Miscellaneous.]
  • On-line Books Page
    [An index for thousands of on-line books maintained at the University of Pennsylvania.]
  • Voice of the Shuttle
    [An excellent "Web Page for Humanities Research" established by Alan Liu at the University of California at Santa Barbara and now redesigned as a dynamic database.]
  • World-Wide Web Virtual Library Subject Catalogue
    [A distributed catalogue with hypertext links to various remote sites on the web. Especially useful for some academic specialties such as Asian area studies.]
  • Yahoo Literature Index
    [An easily accessible index which offers a number of subcategories, some of them with timely information about meetings and groups that study and discuss literature.]

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