Philosophy Resources

  • Internet Portals
  • Guide to Philosophy on the Internet
    [Developed and maintained by Peter Suber at Earlham College, this is a superlative internet resource.]
  • Episteme Links
    [A useful links collection maintained by Thomas Ryan Stone.]

  • Online Reference Works
  • Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    [A very useful project currently in progress under the direction of James Fieser.]
  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    [A well-funded project under the editorship of Edward N. Zalta, and mirrored in Sydney.]

  • Links from Archives, Associations, Libraries, Departments
  • American Philosophical Association
    [The main professional organization for philosophers in the United States.]
  • Philosophy of Science Archives
    [An archives for preprints in the philosophy of science.]
  • Philosophy of Religion
    [Resources collected by Dr. Scott H. Moore at Baylor University for his students.]
  • Philosophy of Religion
    [An online book by Philip A. Pecorino of Queensborough Community College.]
  • World-Wide Web Virtual Library Philosophy Page
    [Selective set of links maintained by Dan Brickley at the University of Bristol.]

  • Non-Western Philosophy
  • Taoism and Chinese Phlosophy
    [A very selective short-list of links.]

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