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Book of Psalms | Zabur in the Quran

Allah speaks of Zabur in the Quran, a term whose meaning many people do not know. However, it joins the different forms of divine Revelation in which we must firmly believe as Muslims. For those who don’t know, in French, it’s book of psalms.

The Book of Psalms from an Islamic Perspective

Az-Zabour corresponds to one of the books of Allah, the one revealed to the Messenger of Allah, Dawud. According to a hadith reported by Imam Ahmed, rahimahoullah, it was revealed during the month of Ramadan. THE Souhofs of Ibrahim were revealed on the first night of this blessed month, the Torahduring the seventh, the Gospel to ‘Issa the fourteenth, the Zabur during the ninth and finally, the Quran during the twenty-fifth night of Ramadan.

Like other sacred books, The Book of Psalms contained teachings, as well as a warning for the people of Dawud. Believing in all the books revealed by Allah is one of thesix pillars of faith. No Muslim can escape it. And to think that Islam is limited to believing only in the revelation of the Koran is an error.

Indeed, he abrogated the old Books which had suffered falsifications, just like the legislation of Muhammad repealed the previous ones. But we firmly believe in the revelation of the ancient Books to the different prophets and messengers.

The Book of Psalms: one of the Books revealed by Allah

The revelation illuminates the hearts of believers with the truth. Each of them, in its original version, plays the role of guide. Allah showers us with His blessings and mercy by showing us the path that leads to Him. Denying one of his Books constitutes a serious act, since it amounts to disbelief in the religion of Allah. This rejection leads to disbelief, a barrier not to be crossed, under penalty of experiencing eternal punishment.

To comply with the aqida authentic, the believer is therefore required to believe in each revealed Book. There are many of them. That said, we only know of six of them, including the Book of Psalms. We believe in the fact that Allah has revealed them. However, their current content contains additions and rejections that have altered its originality.

But the Quran made it possible to re-establish the true revelation. And Allah guarantees its protection. Among those we know, there are the Ibrahim leavesas well as Moussa sheets. Then there is the Torah, Az-Zabour, the Gospel and finally the Holy Quran, revealed to Muhammad.

A pattern that repeats itself almost systematically

Often, Allah would reveal a Book to a particular community through one of His messengers. Prophets and messengers notably served as guides. Each of the Heavenly Books such as the Book of Psalms was addressed to a particular people. On the other hand, the Koran represents a universal message for the attention of Men and jinns.

Each Book includes teachings that reestablish the truth and right of Allah over His creatures. There is also legislation to which believers must comply. At the final judgment, no servant will have the opportunity to speculate by pointing out the fact that he has not received proof.

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