Cécile Bois: “Nature has the power to console”

Cécile Bois: “Nature has the power to console”

Monday October 30, a special episode of Candide Renoir is broadcast. Make our mouths water…

After an eventful honeymoon in Corsica with her husband Antoine, Candice returns to Sète to join the financial brigade.

No more investigations alongside his loved one, unless… the kidnapping of a child during the Halloween holidays changes the situation. Enough to cause cold sweats in my character.

What do you have in common with Candice Renoir?

His fantasy! Faced with difficult situations, I often choose, like my heroine, to take the side roads.

A posture that allows me to see the positive side of life and appreciate what I have before my eyes. Without disconnecting me from reality.

The book you can reread a hundred times?

Self-portrait at the radiator, by Christian Bobin, in which he talks about the death of his wife. Reading it comforted me during the ordeal.

The person who meant the most in your family?

A myriad of female figures have inspired me, awakened me to freedom, helped me to become better. My mother, my paternal grandmother, my aunt, my older sister: each played an important role in my life journey.

A guilty pleasure?

Greed. I love anything good! (Laughs.)

A good plan to reconnect with nature?

Sit on the grass and breathe deeply. Walk a few meters in the rain and feel the drops in my hair. Listen to the song of a bird… All you need to do is awaken your five senses to be amazed. I often say to my two daughters: “The day you are sad, go into nature, it will console you!”

A place where you like to take refuge?

Cemeteries. During the funeral of a loved one, I recently discovered the one in Artigues-près-Bordeaux (Gironde). Sitting under a tree, I took the time to meditate in peace for an hour, thinking of this loved one who had just disappeared.

Pope Francis grants you an audience. What question is burning on your lips?

Tell me the path that led you to God.

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Candy or life, a new 90-minute episode plunging us into new adventures of Candice Renoir, on France 2, October 30 at 9:10 p.m. Available in replay on france.tv

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