Cultural Diversity and Religious Studies

    Human Diversity: Cultural, Racial, Ethnic
  • Beginning Library Research on Ethnic Identity in the United States
    [A very useful resource page from the Stanford University Libraries.]
  • Centre for Immigration and Multicultural Studies: Links
    [A research center at the Australian National University. The page provides useful links to other resource sites.]
  • Interracial Voice
    [Describes itself as the "voice of conscience of the Global Mixed-Race/Interracial Movement."]
  • Literature on Race, Ethnicity, and Multiculturalism
    [One of the component resources of Ethics Updates, an online publication for ethics instructors and their students that offers updates on current literature, both popular and professional, that relates to ethics.]
  • Mixed Blessing
    [A commercial site that advertises "interfaith and multicultural holiday products."]
  • Multicultural Pavilion
    [An excellent and well-organized collection of resources on human diversity, at a site maintained by Paul Gorski.]
  • Multicultural Review
    [A journal intended for teachers, students, and "anyone else who is interested in learning about new developments and trends in the field of cultural diversity."]
  • National Multicultural Institute
    [Services, resources, and links to sites that provide information about multicultural aspects of human identities and relations.]
  • Sociology Resources
    [An extensive set of links from the libraries of Virginia Tech.]
  • Standards
    [An international journal of multicultural studies.]

    African-American, Ethnic, Native-American Identities
  • African-American History and Culture
    [From the Smithsonian Institution, USA.]
  • African-Americans
    [From United States Department of State.]
  • Native Web
    [A set of topically-organized links and resources. The ideal of the site is to serve "to provide a cyber-community for Earth's indigenous peoples."]
  • Native American Sites
    [A set of topically organized links maintained by Lisa Mitten.]
  • Native American Spiritualities
    [Links to various resources sites from the locally maintained Mysticism Resources Page.]

    Gender in Speaking, Writing, and Thinking
  • Gender-free Pronouns in English
    [A short list, with commentary, maintained by Jim Kingdon.]
  • Statement on Inclusive Language
    [An informative and illustrative policy statement from the Department of Religion at Emory University.]

    Gendered Feminine
    Femina: Religion Index
    [Briefly annotated links on women, religion, and spirituality.]
  • Feminist studies in religion and a radical democratic ethos
    [An article that combines scholarship and advocacy, by Harvard University professor Eisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza.]
  • Women's Studies Database
    [A major resource site at the University of Maryland.]
  • Womanist Theory and Research
    [WTR is "a biannual, peer-edited, interdisciplinary, intercultural, international journal on women of color." The site also offers resources for appreciating the perspectives of women of color.]
  • Women's Spiritualities
    [Links to various resource sites from the locally maintained Mysticism Resources Page.]

    Gendered Masculine
  • Menweb: Men's Issues Site
    [Interviews and other resources. Be sure to click on the photos to reach some of the additional pages.]

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