How to make your Advent wreath

How to make your Advent wreath

1- The material

Buy a straw wreath base (around €2 in garden centers and craft shops). Gather fir, holly and laurel branches. You can also provide something to decorate the wreath according to your taste: mini Christmas balls, pine cones, ribbons, etc.

Bring some fine green wire, as well as a mini pruner. Buy four night lights, keep the bases and replace the small candles with larger ones, about 5 centimeters high.

2 – Fix the elements

Cut the fir, holly and laurel branches into sections of 15 to 20 centimeters. Wrap each segment around the base of the wreath, making sure to blend the species as harmoniously as possible. Secure them discreetly with the wire, tying it around the wreath base. Continue until no more straw is visible. Secure the other decorative elements in the same way using the wire.

3 – Candles

The Advent wreath has 4 candles, which will be lit one by one each Sunday (until the fourth Sunday when they will then all be lit). For safety, these candles must be securely attached. Make a hole in the base of each, pass an iron wire folded in half through it. Flatten the loop at the bottom of the candle holder then position the candle there. Take the two ends of the wire that stick out from under the base and tie them securely under the wreath.

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