“I never gave up on my stage dream!  »

“I never gave up on my stage dream! »

What is the principle of the 7th Disability Night?

During this joyful night of Saturday June 15, people with disabilities invite everyone to free parties in 38 cities. Like last year, we are preparing to welcome nearly 50,000 people. That evening I will be in Boulogne, in the Paris region, where I will lead a playwriting workshop. Participants will even be able to go on stage to perform their texts!

You perform regularly at Jamel Comedy Clubb, in Paris, and your videos garner millions of views on the web. What do you reveal to us through your sketches?

That you should never give up on your dreams! Stuttering, dyslexic, dyspraxic and also HPI (high intellectual potential), I never gave up my deep desire to go on stage.

Your favorite movie?

Forrest Gump (1994), a work that echoes my journey. By performing fantastic actions, this hero (played by Tom Hanks, Editor’s note) dares to exceed his own limits. I am, like Forrest, the one you didn't expect…

The person you feel most grateful towards?

My grandmother Mireille. Passionate about cinema and music, she listened to Tino Rossi like Lady Gaga. She left me her hundreds of vinyls and DVDs.

A good way to reconnect with nature?

With my wife, we like to walk in the Bizy forest, in Normandy. We just bought a baby carrier to take for family walks.

An inspired place where you like to take refuge?

The cinema of my childhood, in the town of Gaillon (Eure), just opposite the HLM bar where we lived. Every Wednesday, from the age of 7 to 25, I took refuge in this dream bubble, often alone. Discovering all these films built me.

For you, Jesus is…

A bold and stubborn historical figure. I'm not a believer but he intrigues me. To claim to be the son of God to the point of death is very strong.

You are offered immortality. Do you sign?

No, because I am not afraid of death. Last year, I accompanied my 95-year-old grandmother in her last moments. As we were leaving, she smiled at me and said peacefully: “Valentin, I’m going…”.

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