Karim Benzema sues Gérald Darmanin for defamation

Karim Benzema sues Gérald Darmanin for defamation

New twist in the affair between Karim Benzema and Gérald Darmanin. The footballer filed a complaint on Tuesday January 16 for defamation against the Minister of the Interior who had claimed that the ex-Real Madrid star had links with the Muslim Brotherhood organization, which the former Blues striker vigorously contests. .

The former 2022 Ballon d’Or was targeted by Gérald Darmanin after publishing in mid-October on unjust bombings » carried out by Israel in retaliation for the bloody Hamas attack of October 7.

The Minister of the Interior had argued that this position could be explained by Karim Benzema’s links with the Muslim Brotherhood. “ Karim Benzema is linked, as we all know, with the Muslim Brotherhood, we are attacking a hydra, which is the Muslim Brotherhood because they give an atmosphere of jihadism “, he said on the CNews channel.

“Inaccurate” accusations

Far-right and right-wing politicians also got involved in the controversy, such as Éric Zemmour or Nadine Morano. According to Karim Benzema’s complaint, revealed by RTL and consulted by AFP, these accusations are “ inaccurate “, “ more likely false, but in any case made on purpose ” and are ” attackers » to his honor and consideration.

It was filed by Me Hugues Vigier before the Court of Justice of the Republic (CJR), the only court authorized to prosecute and judge members of the government for offenses committed in the exercise of their functions.

In his complaint, the 36-year-old reaffirms “ never having had the slightest link with the Muslim Brotherhood organization nor to (his/her) knowledge with anyone who claims to be one “. “ I realize to what extent I am, because of my notoriety, being used in political games that are all the more scandalous since the dramatic events since October 7 deserve something other than this type of declaration. », he adds, believing that his position was “ going against the grain of that of the vast majority of French “ruling classes” “.

Karim Benzema believes that “ number of persons » him having « criticized the unbalanced nature of (his) communication » expressed comments which were “not No more » balanced, « since they never mentioned the Gazans “. When requested, the entourage of the Minister of the Interior has not responded for the time being.

Player accused of tweeting “selectively”

Gérald Darmanin criticized the former international for “ tweet selectively » and affirmed that he would withdraw his remarks if Benzema “ tweeted ” For “ cry also » the assassination of the French teacher from Arras, Dominique Bernard, by a radicalized young man.

To support his remarks, the Minister of the Interior relied, according to statements from his entourage to AFP in October, on “ a slow drift in positions taken by Karim Benzema towards a hard, rigorous Islam, characteristic of the ideology brotherhood“, with notably ” proselytizing on social networks around Muslim worship, such as fasting, prayer, pilgrimage to Mecca “.

Those around him also recalled his refusal to sing the national anthem. On October 25, Gérald Darmanin maintained his polemical remarks, believing that “ it hides something » when a footballer posts a political opinion « selectively “.

Complaints addressed to the CJR are filtered by a complaints commission, which can classify them or transmit them to an investigating commission. At the end of the investigation, this commission decides to dismiss the case or refer it to trial.

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