Nicolas Stoufflet: “My grandmother gave me a taste for radio”

Nicolas Stoufflet: “My grandmother gave me a taste for radio”

On September 9, The 1,000 Euro Game arrived on our small screens. Make our mouths water…

This TV adaptation maintains the fundamentals of the radio game: general culture questions are asked in a warm, family spirit. Coming from all over France, the best candidates from the radio show take part.

What does the animation of this game since 2008 reveal about you?

I like to be a conduit between the listeners who send us their questions and the candidates who answer them. Thanks to this program created in 1958, we continue to bring together families of listeners, spanning several generations.

A book that you could reread a hundred times?

All the work of Émile Zola! Embarked in his universe, I am capable of devouring 500 pages in a frenzy. These novels connect with my curiosity for lives other than mine (smile) .

One of the most important people in your family?

My maternal grandmother with whom I spent wonderful summers, in Saône-et-Loire. Every day, at a quarter to one, she would say: “I’m going to listen to “my” playing” (the 1,000 francs game ). She passed on her taste for radio to me.

The Proust madeleine from your childhood?

In a corner of the attic of this family home, there were old radio sets. These devices fascinated me, I got a TSF set after the death of my beloved grandmother.

A hidden talent?

I like to write. I recently wrote short stories in the style of Little Nicholas and I shared them with my loved ones. I recreate delicious moments from childhood.

Who is Jesus for you?

The modesty and selflessness of many human beings is like a part of Jesus. There are candidates on my show who are involved in charitable associations. Out of modesty, some do not want to talk about it in public. This sense of others and this humility amazes me.

An inspired place where you like to take refuge?

I often go to Pas-de-Calais, near Boulogne-sur-Mer. Facing the English Channel, which is a real living spectacle, I let my ideas wander, enjoying the present moment. I was born under a lucky star and I feel a form of gratitude for it.


The 1,000 euro game: Monday to Friday at 12:45 p.m. on France Inter and Saturday at 5:30 p.m. on France 3 (co-hosted with Carinne Teyssandier). The podCat , a monthly podcast produced by Nicolas Stoufflet for cat lovers. Available on listening platforms.

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