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I was born to creative and intelligent parents in Seattle, 1963. After a short time, the family moved to Syracuse, New York. While my parents were both earning their Master's degrees, they also decided to get a divorce. My now late father, the artist, moved to Washington DC, and later to Baltimore. I moved to Brandon, Manitoba with my mother and her second husband -- another marriage not meant to be.

While in Brandon, I went to high school and then earned my BA in Religious Studies. Upon completion of my BA, I went to live with my father in Baltimore and got involved in music and art in that city, all the while waiting to go to graduate school. When in Germany studying at the Goethe Institute in Prien, I learned of my acceptance at the University of Ottawa. Arriving in "Ottablah" in September 1988, I earned my MA in 1990 and entered the Ph.D. in religious studies with Naomi Goldenberg as my supervisor. It was around this time that my mother, feeling the pressure of her erstwhile son, completed her Ph.D. at the University of Toronto. (She was relieved to do this before I completed mine.)

During my time in the Ph.D. program at the University of Ottawa, I taught several courses while holding down other jobs such as research assistantships and working for the Graduate Student's Association. My doctoral defense was 4.66 years after entering the program, and it went very well indeed. Since then I have been quite busy. I worked for a year in a restaurant as a sous chef; I was also self-employed as a researcher, writer, editor, layout artist, and Internaut; and now I am a program officer for the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada while writing & publishing articles, revising my dissertation for publication, learning French, and playing in at least one band.

Now, let me tell you a little something about the things I find important: friends, because they're always there; music, because it is so much fun and so inspiring; art, because fantasy is the basis of all thought; and, the human variety that makes the world so very interesting. 

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