How to raise chickens in your garden?

How to raise chickens in your garden?

What are the good reasons to have chickens at home?

The fight against food waste and to reduce our waste has renewed interest in the family farmyard. In recent years, many individuals, but also schools, associations and communities, have made room for the chicken.

Rightly so: this omnivorous animal happily consumes leftover meat, fish, pasta, rice, old bread, etc., reducing our food waste by an average of 80 kg per year. “The chicken eats what comes off our plates”, underlines Michel Audureau, author of a reference guide (read the box at the end of the article), which specifies that it will disdain what we also refuse, such as peelings and other plant waste.

Contrary to popular belief, it will therefore not compete with compost. Last point: welcoming chickens also means ensuring eggs of incomparable taste and the company of a friendly living being. Here are some ways to ensure that cohabitation goes well.

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