how to reduce your gasoline and diesel consumption?

how to reduce your gasoline and diesel consumption?

The challenge

The price of a liter of fuel is soaring and close to the symbolic bar of €2. It is sometimes exceeded at certain service stations. Geopolitical uncertainties in the Middle East are pushing prices up.

In addition, Saudi Arabia and Russia, large producers of black gold, have decided to drastically reduce their production until the start of 2024. Result: motorists are increasingly emptying their wallets to make full.

In this context, the government wanted to legislate in favor of selling fuel at a loss. Faced with the refusal of distributors to apply this measure, an agreement was reached with brands for sales at cost price in 2023.

But most of the levers are found elsewhere: in the maintenance of your vehicle, the choice of fuel… and reducing speed. Substantial savings are therefore possible by remaining vigilant on these few key points.

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