Marie Richeux “Brighten your day even in gray weather”

Marie Richeux “Brighten your day even in gray weather”

Since September, you have been producing Le Book Club on France Culture. Tell us about this show…

It’s a big daily conversation with authors who come to talk to us about their recently published books. We also come across works on a given theme, sometimes in resonance with current events. Every Friday, we visit a guest’s library, a way of taking their portrait.

What does your book Days of Birth reveal about you?

In this work, I recount the seven days which followed the supposed term of my pregnancy, seven days of waiting and proximity to the birth. I talk about my taste for joy, celebration and light.

Music that makes you happy in the morning?

The song My girl, by Otis Redding. It’s about a girl who knows how to brighten her day even when it’s gray. And my own daughters bring me this daily light.

The place that crosses generations in your family?

A corner of Brittany, between land and sea, where all my paternal family comes from. I love walking on this wild coast where I feel at home. It’s a kind of meditative practice.

The Proust madeleine from your childhood?

September , Barbara’s song. I, who was not a reader when I was little, maintained a very strong relationship with language through this song which lulled me as a child.

A gesture of happy sobriety?

I have been camping regularly for twenty years, always in a tent and without electricity. This simple gesture allows me to reduce my energy consumption.

Which beauty will save the world?

I am attached to the beauty of nature, life and art. I don’t know if she’ll save the world, but I’m sure she’ll save me, like so many other people.

We offer you immortality, do you sign?

No way ! Let us be happy to be mortal. In Achille , one of my first books, I have been thinking about this very question. By not fully immersing her child in the Styx, Achilles’ mother left him a part of vulnerability that brings him closer to us, simple mortals.

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