Movie theater.  "Rosalie","Madame Hofmann", "Evil does not exist"... Our opinion on the films in theaters

Movie theater. “Rosalie”,”Madame Hofmann”, “Evil does not exist”… Our opinion on the films in theaters

Eden on borrowed time

Evil does not exist, by Ryusuke Hamaguchi, drama/musical, 1h46, in theaters April 10.

Here, we hear the rustling of the leaves, the singing of birds and the running of the stream. In a peaceful mountain town near Tokyo, Takumi lives in harmony with the forest, teaching his daughter Hana the secrets of plants and animals. But a “glamorous camping” project aimed at stressed city dwellers will threaten this Eden, in particular the purity of its source. The Japanese director Ryusuke Hamaguchi, who shocked us with “Drive my Car” about a director in mourning, questions, through his unvarnished characters, current issues: the dilemma of a village community divided between solidarity and fear of the foreigner, the urban temptation of consumption without conscience, the ambiguity of nature as beneficent as it is irreducibly wild. A gem of finesse, “Evil Does Not Exist” was crowned with the Grand Jury Prize at the last Venice Film Festival. Faustine Prévot

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