The light appeared

The light appeared

My spiritual search, which began several years ago, was accentuated with my illness, cancer, announced five years ago. The situation has gotten worse. I felt the need to turn to something else when the medical word was no longer enough, when we could no longer cling to it. My entourage and my readings made me aware of Christianity. The Church's position on death was very reassuring to me. I went to the sanctuary of Béhuard (Maine-et-Loire), a magnificent place, very religiously charged, with the wonderful Father Bertrand Chevalier. And, suddenly, it was obvious. The light appeared.

I then wanted to place myself with complete confidence in the hands of God and receive baptism. But I put the idea aside. You know how it is: we bought a house, I had care to follow… In January, I received the news that there was no more hope. I knew then that I wanted to die in faith, with God. My 6 year old daughter wanted to be baptized with me. I wanted us to be baptized together at Easter. My doctor told me that I probably wouldn't be well enough to fully experience the event. So the priest came to our house this Sunday, March 17. The day before, the Cancer Institute had done a puncture to make me feel good. In this tragic context, where everyone around me is preparing for my death, we experienced a celebration of life, a moment of light. My husband said to me: “I feel happy. » Even though I could clearly see that he, after this moment of happiness, was less happy. The power of God's love that surrounds us acted that day.

Today I feel much more peaceful to welcome death. Tomorrow (Wednesday March 20, Editor’s note) , I will make my communion. Saturday, my confirmation. When will your article appear? April 4? Maybe I won't be here anymore. I don't have any more cases these days! (She laughs). It's important for me to testify. Especially to say how extraordinarily kind the medical staff here have been. I didn't feel like just another cancer patient, but like a human being above all. It feels so good. It’s kindness that makes the difference. If what happens to me can help people, that's the main thing.

Marie-Claire died at the start of Holy Week. Pilgrim extends its sincere condolences to his family.

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