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1001 Vertus I The wellness online store par excellence

1001 virtuesit is above all, and you will no doubt have guessed it, a Online Store specialized in the sale of natural wellness products. Everything is there to beautify your daily life while allowing you to maintain good health. Focus on our selection of natural products with various and varied benefits.

Welcome to your news online wellness storewhich introduces you to products from the four corners of the world.

1001 Vertus, the store that brings you closer to nature

Eager to allow you to reconnect with nature, we have chosen to open this online store. Natural products can only make a positive contribution to everyday life, provided they are used wisely. Unfortunately, their use is not part of the habits and customs in the West.

But we are observing an evolution in the way Westerners consume with the development of the organic market.

Come discover our 100% natural products which will only have the effect of arousing your curiosity. Some of them can be enjoyed in addition to having a beneficial effect on your health.

So take a look at our selection of Honey ! You will find in particular on our site the famous Royal jujube honey from Yemen. Some even go so far as to consider that it is the best honey in the world.

We also have a series of natural cosmetic products. Enhance your appearance without harming your health.

The makeup found in the industrial environment too often contains elements that are harmful to your health. Sometimes it can even cause skin reactions.

At 1001 Vertus, we only promote quality items at low prices!

1001 Virtues: A natural store serving everyone’s well-being

How could we promote wellness products and not make them accessible nigella on our site ? This plant is full of countless benefits. Medical studies continue to reveal its virtues over time.

At 1001 Vertus, we have chosen to make it available in different formats: capsulesoil, seed powder… Please note that in Islam, it represents a means of treating all pathologies, except death.

We have also dedicated sections in which you will find products of body carehair… And here again, we made the choice to only promote natural solutions.

Our “medicine & health” category contains many products mentioned in prophetic medicine. For more details relating to the properties of each of them, go directly to the product sheet.

A mess of organic oils

An oil is obtained from a process of maceration of various and varied plants. 1001 virtues have a wide range ofnatural oils.

Each contains many health benefits. Some are intended for internal use, while others are used asmassage oil.

In addition to having medicinal properties, they can sometimes also be used as a cosmetic product.

1001 Vertus strives to provide quality customer service. So, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We will be happy to answer them.

Our desire to contribute to your well-being also pushes us to refer you to a health professional to treat any illness with organic products and/or natural.

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