3 recipes for household products to make yourself

3 recipes for household products to make yourself

Why make your own cleaning products?

Under our sink or in our laundry room, how many plastic bottles? Among them, how many carry logos indicating the presence of chemical substances at risk for aquatic environments or even human health? Manufacturers make us believe that cleaning requires complex products, far from the single all-purpose bar of soap that reigned supreme in the interiors of yesteryear.

However, to wash dishes, laundry, floors, windows and even toilets, a few common ingredients are enough: alcohol vinegar, soda (crystals, bicarbonate and percarbonate), citric acid, black soap, Marseille soap, clay . Now sold in supermarkets as well as in bulk in organic grocery stores, they allow you to avoid the maintenance section of the super market. And this with real savings: a kilo of homemade dishwasher tablets costs less than €7, compared to €10 to €23 in supermarkets.

All that remains is to find effective and tested recipes, like those we offer here. To make them, put on a mask and gloves, and work in a ventilated room.

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