37% of Catholics voted for Jordan Bardella

37% of Catholics voted for Jordan Bardella

The first observation is a confirmation: participation in the June 9 vote was, once again, significantly higher among Catholics than in the population as a whole: 60% compared to 51.5%. This even reaches 78% among regular practitioners. Philippe Portier, political scientist and expert on the Church, explains it as follows: “On the one hand, the magisterium continues to call for a vote by promoting this act as a duty. Furthermore, sociologically, this category of the population is often older and wealthier than the average French person, two factors which, in themselves, favor voting.”

Second observation, the Ifop study confirms a “standardization” of the Catholic vote. Gone is the barrier against extremes that has held for so long. The priority attraction to the right and the center is over. Philippe Portier summarizes the Catholic vote in these European elections as follows: “The hollowing out of the Macronian camp is notable. Catholics as a whole barely voted more for the list led by Valérie Hayer than the French as a whole. And regular practitioners even fewer voted for this list: only 10%.

Then an attachment to Catholic identity is affirmed through the votes for Jordan Bardella (37%) or Marion Maréchal (6%). Finally, I note the persistence of a phenomenon dating back to the 1970s, a left-wing vote which stands at 21% among Catholics, with a peak at 28% among regular practitioners.” Finally, Catholics do not distinguish themselves from rest of the French by the determining issues of the vote For them, the priority subjects were, in order: the fight against terrorism, security, the fight against illegal immigration and health. Specifically European questions are relegated. far behind.

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