4 easy and effective ways to reduce your digital footprint

4 easy and effective ways to reduce your digital footprint

Digital represents 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and this share continues to grow. To reduce our impact, here are the most effective actions.

Step 1. Opt for refurbished

Your smartphone no longer works and is beyond repair? Choose a refurbished second-hand device: this will avoid manufacturing a new device, which is very greedy in raw materials and energy. Your telephone operator now offers this option, as well as small city centre shops and online sales. This also applies to computers, tablets, etc. And don’t forget to bring back your out-of-service devices so that they can be dismantled, recycled or refurbished in turn.

Step 2. Pamper your equipment

Smartphones, tablets, computers, speakers and other connected devices… Their manufacture represents 80% of the digital carbon footprint. We therefore have two major levers to reduce it: give up certain devices and make the ones we already have last as long as possible. A breakdown or breakage? Go to a repairer, if possible an approved one to benefit from a repair bonus.

Step 3. Browse on Wi-Fi

Watching a video online using 4G consumes much more energy than fiber optics or ADSL. Let’s prioritize fixed networks whenever possible. When you arrive home or at your workplace, immediately uncheck the “mobile data” or “4G” box (depending on the model) and opt for the Wi-Fi icon: the device then connects by radio waves to your fixed local network via the box. You can also activate “Wi-Fi calling” on the phone to call primarily via Wi-Fi.

Step 4. Upload your content

Watching a video, series, or film online, especially while traveling, consumes a lot of data and energy. It is better to download your content (videos, music) in advance. Don’t have time to do it? Does your device not have enough memory? Configure the app you are using (YouTube, etc.) correctly to limit your data consumption. Watching a video in high definition on a phone is not interesting. A minimum resolution is enough.

Our habits in figures

  • In every French home: 10 digital devices on average. Almost a quarter are not used.
  • Nearly half of all televisions less than five years old is replaced.
  • Nearly a third of those under 30 buy used smartphones.

For further

  • A site to find a repairer and find out what assistance you are entitled to (repair bonus): ecosystem.eco/reparer

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