7 candidates reveal the first measure they will vote for if elected

7 candidates reveal the first measure they will vote for if elected

“The first measure they will vote for once elected? »: 7 candidates for the European elections answer the question.

François-Xavier Bellamy, The Republicans

“Repeal the “Farm to fork” strategy, which should lead to a 10 to 15% drop in agricultural production in Europe, and require that the products we import respect essential environmental standards, to bring about the ecological transition in the rest of the world and get out of the unfair competition that is killing our agriculture.”

Marie Toussaint, Europe ecology-The Greens

“We must act in two directions: raise our climate and environmental objectives to return to planetary limits, and guarantee a transformation of the European economy so that no one lives in poverty. This is the purpose of the Transition Pact I propose for this in particular a right of social veto, so that no measure affecting the living conditions of the poorest 10% of Europeans can be adopted. poverty and social injustices would thus become the backbone of European action which would finally respect the limits of the planet.”

Jordan Bardella, National Rally

“There are two: the possibility of establishing economic patriotism, to allow our canteens to offer our children healthy and local products from our farmers, and the rejection of the Migration Pact, which provides for the compulsory relocation of migrants in our communities and that I will fight with all my strength.”

Valérie Hayer, Renaissance

“I want to continue to transform Europe. The priority in my eyes for the next mandate is first of all to strengthen our strategic autonomy, for our energy, our defense… I will be on the front line so that this major fight is funded as much as it deserves.”

Marion Maréchal, Reconquest!

“I will fight with all my strength so that the European Parliament takes a position against surrogacy (GPA), which is a major societal regression.”

Raphaël Glucksmann, PS-Public square

“One objective: to make the ecological transition a major project for the reindustrialization of Europe, with in particular three measures: a massive European fund in green industries, the establishment of a Buy European Act reserving public markets as a priority for European productions and the creation of the European tax on high wealth that we support with my colleague Aurore Lalucq and other European social democrats to finance a just transition.”

Manon Aubry, La France Insoumise

“The end of budgetary austerity which is killing our public services! Our hospitals and our schools are already in tatters but the new European budgetary austerity pact will lead to the worst austerity cure ever known in France and in Europe, as This is evidenced by the first announcements of budget cuts of 30 billion euros by Bruno Le Maire. The June 9 vote must be a referendum against this austerity pact which is destroying our public services and social protection.

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