Anne-Cécile Suzanne “My farm, my spiritual refuge”

Anne-Cécile Suzanne “My farm, my spiritual refuge”

You publish The furrows that we trace… What is the theme of this work?

I tell the story of my move to the family farm, just after the death of my father. I was 22 years old at the time and my passion for agriculture was born at that time.

What does it reveal about you?

I explain that this mourning confronted me with a choice: to remain motionless in sadness or to commit myself to building a better future for French agriculture. I opted for the second solution and I'm happy with it!

How are you mobilizing?

I want to raise awareness among the general public about agricultural issues related to food. It seems extremely important to me, for each of us, to understand what our plate consists of every day.

Your latest crush?

The film The cow, by Mohamed Hamidi. We discover the adventure of Fatah, an Algerian farmer who dreams of taking his cow Jacqueline to the Agricultural Show in Paris. This film expresses the infinite tenderness that a breeder can have for his animals.

The place that inspires you to write?

I love being at home, surrounded by my family and my dog, preferably by a good fire. The warmth of a home gives me great serenity.

A place that crosses generations?

My great-grandparents' house, where my father was born and where I live today. This place radiates happiness. I want to see my children grow up there.

A hidden talent?

I like to capture, through drawing, the evanescent beauty of the world around me. Representing the birth of a little calf or capturing the grace of a sparrow in the morning light with a few strokes of the pencil delights me.

A spiritual place where you like to take refuge?

My farm. A farm, when there are animals, is a place imbued with spirituality. I feel totally connected to what surrounds me. In this context, I sometimes take the time to meditate.

Which beauty will save the world?

That of nature. We must respect the rhythms and laws of our environment. Instead of remaining deaf to the needs of nature, let's co-build with it! This attitude of humility will save humanity.

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