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Black Stone of the Kaaba

You have probably already heard of Mecca and the pilgrimage. But do you know the Black Stone of the Kaaba ? If this is not the case, rest assured because your Muslim bookstore will try to tell you more!

What is the Kaaba?

First of all, the Kaaba is a cubic building located in the inner courtyard of the Grande Masjid al-Haram Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is known as the House of Allah and is the center of religious cravings for Muslims around the world. For information, the Kaaba is the place towards which Muslims turn during daily prayers. In addition, it is the same place that is the destination of Muslim pilgrimage.

The kaaba and the Black Stone

At the southeast corner of the Kaaba there is certainly the Black Stone, inlaid in a silver frame. Islamic tradition teaches that the Black Stone was originally white, but became black by absorbing the sins of humans.

According to ‘Abdallah Ibn ‘Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him and his father), the Prophet (may Allah’s prayer and His salvation be upon him) said: “The black stone came down from paradise while she was whiter than milk, it was the sins of the sons of Adam that made her black.”

(Reported by Tirmidhi in his Sounan n°877 who authenticated it and it was also authenticated by Sheikh Albani in his correction of Sounan Tirmidhi)

Many believers indeed wish to touch it. However, due to the dense crowds and the sacred nature of the stone, it is often difficult to access.

The black stone, much more than a symbol

The Kaaba is the central point of the Hajj, and Umrah. Millions of Muslims from around the world converge on the Kaaba to perform these sacred rites.

And this to renew their commitment to Allah, and seek His closeness. The Kaaba and in particular the Black Stone are part of the symbols of the Muslim community. Believers regardless of their origin stand side by side for a common wish, paradise.

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