Crazy like a prophet

Glacier freshness

Poor glaciers of the Alps, the Pyrenees and elsewhere… Not only are they melting at full speed under the effect of climate change, but their scintillating image of purity is being used by marketing whizzes to sell products that are not always innocent.

So, while I was looking on a supermarket aisle for something to wash my walls, I came across a beautiful white plastic container decorated with a little angel, whose label bore this promise: “Glacier freshness scent. » I imagine the creativity meeting organized by the brand with consumer testers, in order to find what could trigger the act of purchasing. “Scent of the islands? Already seen. Espelette pepper flavor? Too original. Perfume for nothing? Too sad. »

But this imaginary scent of glaciers is quite a find. Because a glacier smells of nothing, of course, except the scent of a lost world. The one where snow accumulates in regular abundance on the high mountains. A world where glaciers fill up with fresh water in the cold of winter before slowly returning it to rivers when spring comes.

This world is passing away, we already have a poignant nostalgia for it and advertisers have smelled the seam. Plastic jugs made from petroleum are part of the problem, along with the falsely eco-friendly detergents that fill them. Glaciers don’t need greenwashing.

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