Charity gala: “Generosity is not just a matter for the rich”

Charity gala: “Generosity is not just a matter for the rich”

What is your view on the growth of this type of gala in France?

The role of private generosity is not the same in French society as in the United States or England. However, in recent years, public funds allocated to the general interest have tended to decrease in our country, and the associative world is therefore turning to philanthropy. As soon as the social state disappears, the generosity of the private sector is requested.

How did this culture develop?

The fundraising profession is now taught in renowned business schools such as HEC, where we learn how to target potential donors. This raises the question of the concept of charity behind this giving industry because, unfortunately, showing that one gives is sometimes almost as important as the donation itself. The generosity of a company, celebrities or influencers contributes to their image.

Are these events always elitist?

If this method of raising money becomes necessary for associations, the risk exists, among those who have the means to afford a place at a gala, of cultivating a community.

However, it seems important to me to remember that generosity does not remain limited to the richest. Everyone can give time, energy and skills to a cause they wish to defend.

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