“Committed volunteers... when it suits them”

“Committed volunteers… when it suits them”


I completely understand your dismay at the difference in the level of commitment of the people sharing this solidarity grocery project with you. A good idea to integrate yourself into your neighborhood, which is likely to become a source of arguments or misunderstandings. It would be a shame.

Do you know how this grocery store was created and under what status it operates? To find out, you could contact Andes, the National Association of Solidarity Groceries, which notably offers models of volunteer charters: we commits by signature to days or hours of presence and to a minimum period to warn of unavailability. Above all, the volunteer undertakes to notify the manager, who will contact replacements himself.

If you are not aware of such a charter in the grocery store you have joined, why not suggest adopting one? Signing this type of document guarantees the seriousness and solidarity of those who agree to it, regardless of any political or religious consideration. Dear Julie, “recalling the framework” always has educational virtues and should allow you to flourish in this wonderful voluntary action.

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