“Compostella without my left leg”

“Compostella without my left leg”

You publish A prosthesis towards Compostela. A few words to say more?
In 2018, lying on an operating table minutes before my left leg was amputated, I vowed to walk to Compostela. This book recounts my wanderings, and my path of transition in order to recover from a heavy depression. The journey led me towards acceptance of my body and its limits.

If you have three days, a backpack and no car, where do you go?
I'm going to walk alone in the Arrée mountains. I enjoy the solitude, even if, during my pilgrimage, it took me a while to find my rhythm. To stay the course, you have to tame the path and learn to love yourself; all while taking care of your body and mind.

The film you could watch a hundred times?
The little world of Don Camillo ! When I was a child, this hero reminded me of the priest of our small Breton town. At the time, the mayor took care of his constituents and the priest took care of family affairs! The colorful country priest, played by Fernandel, always accompanied me. His character reassures and calms me.

The person you feel most grateful for?
Aude, my wife. She knows how to give me the strength I need. On the way to Compostela, I gave a first name to each of my crutches. The left, closest to the heart, is called Aude. The right, Philippe, like my brother-in-law whose determination and faith I admire.

A gene you're happy to have inherited?
The sense of hospitality. At my parents' house, the door was always open. I have precious memories of the vagabonds passing through the house: they fascinated me.

A solidarity initiative that touches you?
My next walk, from Rome to Compostela, will support the Lames de joie association. Its purpose is to lend racing blades to child amputees. These are essential tools to promote their social integration.

Pope Francis grants you an audience. What do you say to him?
I would like him to reiterate a call for the unity of all Catholics, whatever their rites and traditions.

Which beauty will save the world?
That of the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

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