Rkkody is the former Heaven's Gate member who survived his own attempt to "exit" on May 5th 1997: 

    My Older Member (Do), felt very strongly that recycling was imminent. How long do we have?  Only the Next Level knows for sure. 

    There are presently only a few individuals left on this planet who are faithful to the Next Level. While I am still here I am committed to sharing their information about the Next Level with any others who might want a chance of surviving the comming recycling.  

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Free Public meetings for deposits only

I know most of the world could care less about Heaven's Gate and those 39 people, but there are a few who do want to explore what this was all about. I am not a good example of what they taught, but I do know what they were all about and have a lot of material about them that the public has not seen.  If there is anyone interested in learning what Heaven's Gate group was all about from someone with first hand experience then I am willing to talk with people in small groups and show some of Do's video tapes, etc.

If you would like to help setup a meeting in your town then write to:

Right to Know
420 E. 120th Ave. Unit B-2 Suite 507
Denver, CO 80233
(303) 784-5657
Or contact me by Email: [email protected]
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I am encouraging everyone who wants to do so, to mirror the Heaven's Gate materials, and feel free to duplicate and distribute all of the video tapes and the book. Some mirrors of the Heaven's Gate site have incorrect email reply addresses.  The correct email address for mail to reach those who are answering "Heaven's Gate" mail [was]  [email protected] and mail will not be delivered to [email protected] because that server no longer exists.