Gérald Darmanin participated in the iftar at the Grand Mosque of Paris

Gérald Darmanin participated in the iftar at the Grand Mosque of Paris

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin participated in the evening of Wednesday, March 20, at the iftar, which marks for Muslims the breaking of the fast during the month of Ramadan, organized by the Grand Mosque of Paris.

“As Minister of the Interior responsible for religion, this is the opportunity for me to wish all Muslims in France a happy month of Ramadan”who is “an important month for all of our Muslim compatriots, an extremely spiritually rich period”declared Gérald Darmanin.

Increases in racist, xenophobic or anti-religious crimes

While the interior reported during the day a 32% increase in crimes or offenses of a racist, xenophobic or anti-religious nature in 2023 compared to 2022, the minister assured that “ the State, in an extremely difficult international context, protects all its children, whatever their religion “.

He emphasized the efforts made to protect Muslim places of worship during Ramadan: that they “are physically present in front of each mosque, whether they allow complaints to be taken or monitor social networks, the agents of the Ministry of the Interior are there to protect you, so that every French person can practice their faith”.

Addressing the situation in the Middle East, the minister said that “faced with the terrible humanitarian situation in Gaza, France supports an immediate ceasefire”. “I think of all the children of Gaza who suffer from the madness of men”he said, emphasizing that “only the two-state solution can meet the security needs of the Israeli people and the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people”.

Various projects on Islam

Gérald Darmanin also recalled the various projects undertaken on Islam in France: security of places of worship, professionalization and status of imams, etc. He called for settling “by the end of the year” the question of confessional squares in cemeteries and reiterated his wish that Islam in France is structured “in federation”.

The rector of the Great Mosque Chems-eddine Hafiz, who thanked the minister for the security measures taken around places of worship, insisted that “yes, the month of Ramadan strengthens the citizenship of French Muslims”. “Our painful thoughts and our compassion turn to Gaza where Ramadan is lived in deprivation, pain and injustice”he declared in his welcoming speech. “We continue to pray that the civilian populations will be spared, the hostages freed and peace finally anchored”.

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