How do I get started during the Time for Creation

How do I get started during the Time for Creation

Time for Creation commits us to living an ecumenism on the ground. Why not by organizing a fall walk with our brothers and sisters of different faiths? Our advice for success.

Gather goodwill

  • Assemble a group of volunteers of different ages and from different Christian denominations. A good opportunity to make contact with neighboring communities. Meet eight days before the set date to prepare a walking route, preferably in a natural area. Choose a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to organize this outing.

Liven up your journey

  • Throughout this route, stages will be offered to discover the wonders of the surrounding nature, notably rivers, springs, ponds… A historian or naturalist can accompany the group to comment on what the we see. Why not imagine breaks to understand how a solidarity workshop, an eco-renovation project works, or to visit a committed farmer, an exciting market gardener, a family going through an ecological conversion process? A good opportunity to get to know these confessional and non-denominational places, and thus build connections of all kinds.

Share a meal

  • At lunchtime or at snack time, a meal from the bag is organized so that you can have a picnic together. Vegetables and seasonal and local products, without too much meat or packaging, dishes prepared with heart and around recipes to discover: the opportunity is great to exchange and share the pleasure of food and fraternal life.

Suggest a time of prayer

  • Before separating, an ecumenical prayer brings the group together in nature. A time of praise will allow adults and children to give thanks for everything they have discovered, and to entrust prayer intentions for the life of this world.

Prepare for the rest!

  • Those who wish can exchange their contact details to consider other walks of this type throughout the year. Contacts with the places visited are also shared in order to be able to concretely support interesting initiatives.

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