how to limit the predatory instinct of cats?

how to limit the predatory instinct of cats?

Why are cats a threat to biodiversity?

Constantly increasing in French households, the cat is also a formidable predator. Its prey is multiple: small mammals such as mice or shrews but also birds, reptiles, amphibians, hedgehogs… In the world, it hunts no less than 2,084 species of animals, of which nearly 17% are in a worrying situation.

In France, most of these predations are caused by the 8 to 10 million stray and feral cats (in other words returned to nature after abandonment). But the 15 million domestic cats also have an impact on biodiversity already damaged by urbanization, habitat loss and pesticides. Cat owners therefore have a role to play in limiting their feline’s hunting.

From feeding to garden design to sterilization, only the addition of solutions will allow a more balanced cohabitation between small wildlife and the number one domestic animal of the French.

Sources: Anne-Claire Gagnon (veterinarian), League for the Protection of Birds (LPO), French Society for the Study and Protection of Mammals.

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