“I can’t find a successor”

“I can’t find a successor”

“Twenty years ago, a friend who is the volunteer manager of the sports association (for amateur adults) in our town of Corrèze convinced me to take over from him. I accepted and he gave me a leg up. Today, I need to hand over the reins. I’ve been talking about it to those around me for two years, with no result. Due to the lack of a candidate, my wife thinks that I should stop at the end of the year and that a solution will inevitably emerge. But I can’t bring myself to do it. How to avoid it? »

Yves, 67 years old

The point of view of Muriel Lacroix-Pringarbe, committed entrepreneur

I understand your anxiety at leaving the presidency of your amateur football association, dear Yves. Let me share with you some ideas for hastening the handover that you are calling for. First of all, I would formalize my resignation. Because between “I’m talking about it to those around me” and “I’m sending you my resignation by December 31”, a greater sense of urgency arises, which can shake up people’s minds. Then I would bring together the members of the association to describe to them the work that this volunteer position represents. When we don’t know the precise constraints of a mission, we hesitate to commit. Consider offering – if you are willing – a “sponsorship” of your successor for a short period, because you will have a lot to pass on to him and the new president will appreciate appropriate training. Or suggest to your association the idea of ​​a “co-presidency” of two volunteers, each with a specific role. If nothing changes, why not merge your association with another Corrèze structure of amateur footballers? You may find it easier to find a volunteer.

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