In Protestant land

In Protestant land

An unprecedented emotion energized my faith when I was 31, in an unexpected and overwhelming way. While I was praying with young people from all over the world, during the European gathering of Taizé, in Geneva (Switzerland), in December 2007, a word from the Brothers touched me deeply, in a heart to heart. “Live your faith where you are. The framework and institutions do not matter. »

This invitation resonated in me with a totally unpredictable force. I felt the presence of God in my heart and in my body, and an invitation to inner freedom. It’s difficult to describe. I was very surprised to have this sensory experience. Cerebral in nature, I never imagined that this could happen to me.

This intimate event was foundational in the strengthening of my faith and my journey towards Protestantism. Born into a Catholic family, forged by Catholic Action, my frequent stays in Taizé, then this time of prayer in Geneva – what a wink in the Protestant land! – made me want to turn to ecumenism. With Protestants and Orthodox people, I organized prayers, sharing and mutual visits, particularly for Christian Unity Week (each year, from January 18 to 25).

One day, a Protestant friend suggested that I attend worship. I liked it and returned regularly. I liked the space given to reading the Bible, alone and in groups. Over the years, this way of living the Christian faith spoke to me: the worship was very lively and I felt involved. Preaching nourished me, always connecting the Word to today’s issues. After much thought, in 2011, I asked to join the Reformed Church.

It is not a question of a conversion, but of a change of confession. There are many houses in the house of God. If my outlook has become distant towards the Catholic Church, I am happy to follow introductory theology training provided by the Catholic University of the West. With joy, I try to pass on the faith to my son Mathieu (7 and a half years old), who attends the Protestant school but also willingly participates in the catechism class at his Catholic school. For me, the main thing is to discover the Christian faith and respond to Christ’s call.

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