In the footsteps of Marie Madeleine: Logbook #3

In the footsteps of Marie Madeleine: Logbook #3

The bells of the Hostellerie de la Sainte-Baume ring out. This Thursday, July 22, pilgrims from all over the world responded to the call of Mary Magdalene.

8 a.m., preparations

Corridors and canteen of the hotel, park and chapel are adorned with many languages ​​of the world. We hear all nationalities and we guess all obediences. How beautiful it is to see beliefs mingle around a woman!

In the silence of the chapel, on his knees, facing a metal box, Brother Patrick-Marie Bozo, prior of Sainte-Baume, is busy meticulously preparing the venerated relic of Mary Magdalene. Some followers, seated in the shade, hope to catch a glimpse of a sacred bone of the saint. There reigns here a perfume of unconditional love. Time has stopped, everyone is praying in the silence of their hearts: on one side the Catholics, on the other, dressed in red, the mystics. All and all are in communion. Today, no one tries to be right.

9:30 am, the procession

The brothers carry on their shoulders the relic of the beloved of Jesus Christ. Leaving the inn, a silence settles before the intoning of an Our Father which will be followed, throughout the pilgrimage, by songs, canticles, reading passages from the Gospels. The forest and the Sainte-Baume massif are invaded by a fervor and a love that speaks like the voice of a single being, in unison. Everyone rushes near the relics to seize their chance to carry them a few meters to the cave where the saint would have lived. What better tribute to the message of Mary Magdalene: Hear the words of Christ by looking at the world with your heart!

Women’s weekend at Sainte-Baume

“Woman, who are you looking for?”, From October 6 (7 p.m.) to October 8 (12 p.m.) The question of vocation remains unresolved. Mary Magdalene, together with the Virgin Mary, held a special place in the life of Jesus. The Dominicans invite women to discover the saint’s message during a time of renewal: two days to encounter the gaze of Christ in the Scriptures, to recognize him in life, to let him reach souls and console hearts. Prayer, fraternal times, walk to the grotto, vigil… All in a simple, deep and joyful atmosphere.

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