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Israel – Gaza: Campuses in turmoil

Students are quick to express support for a cause in words and actions which seems right to them. The blocking of several French campuses – in particular those of Sciences Po – in order to warn about the fate of the Palestinians is further proof of this. The movement, born in the United States where it is currently gaining momentum, has spread to other regions of the world, including France and Australia. In France, the Union of High School Students (USL) is in turn urging students to join the movement, with a view to increasing the number of demonstrations throughout France.

Occupation of premises, hunger strikes, etc.: the objective of these muscular actions is to visibly call for an end to Israeli strikes on Gaza, which have been dragging the Palestinian territory into a humanitarian catastrophe for several months. The students also ask their management to cease all partnerships with Israeli universities.

There are a lot of political issues behind this turmoil, like everything related to the conflict that has been tearing the Middle East apart for decades. We can only regret the immediate polarization of these student mobilizations, immediately reduced to a binary opposition of right/left, progressives/conservatives, Zionists/anti-Semites… The real objective must remain support for the threatened lives of thousands of Gazans, who do not can in no way become an opportunity to strengthen one's political identity.

It is particularly difficult to express a middle position which, without falling into anti-Semitism or minimizing the attack which Israel suffered on October 7, will not be able to remain silent in the face of the tens of thousands of Palestinian deaths and demand an immediate ceasefire. For it to be audible and unifying, shouldn't the cry of sincere indignation of our students denounce the Israeli-Palestinian cycle of vengeance and massacres as a whole, and campaign for the unconditional value of all human existence?

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