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Moroccan cosmetics I Top 3 trendy products

Morocco, the country with a rich culture and ancestral traditions, leaves us many treasures. To start with its famous natural cosmetics, used for centuries to beautify and take care of oneself. Here is the top 3 Moroccan cosmetics!

Top 3 Moroccan cosmetics: Moroccan kohl

THE kohl is known in many Arab countries, however, it has particular importance in Morocco. Moroccan kohl is distinguished by the quality of its powder, which is ultra soft. Its benefits are very numerous. Firstly, it helps beautify the look and make it more intense.

Then, as the Prophet Muhammad (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sellem) said, it has many medicinal properties:

Ibn ‘Abbâs reports from the Prophet Muhammed (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sellem): “Use stibnite (kohl), because it improves eyesight and makes eyelashes grow” (Sahih At-Taghîb – 2104).

In fact, traditional powdered kohl does not contain any chemicals and is 100% natural. This product creates a protective barrier against external aggressions. It will fight eye infections thanks to its anti-bacterial effect. It will prevent dust, fine particles or even sand from entering the eye.

In addition, it is even recommended for people suffering from vision problems. It strengthens and clarifies vision.

Finally, it is used to make eyelashes grow and strengthen them.

This natural cosmetic with many virtues is a sunnah of the Messenger of Allah. In addition to taking care of your eyes, its use will allow you to revive this prophetic tradition.

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In the top 3 Moroccan cosmetics, beldi black knowledge

Part of Moroccan tradition for centuries, Beldi black soap is once again a 100% natural cosmetic. It is prepared from black olive. Indeed, it is a very effective plant-based exfoliant.

Thanks to this cleanser, you will be able to deeply cleanse your skin. Its benefits are numerous. First, it helps regenerate the cells of the epidermis. Then it has a bactericidal and antiseptic effect. Finally, it promotes healing.

Declined in several ways, its effects are only increased tenfold. Indeed, it is mixed with other ingredients to meet more specific needs, according to each person’s needs.

Argan oil, the Moroccan tradition par excellence

To finish this top 3 Moroccan cosmetics, let us tell you about argan oil. Argan oil has been present in Moroccan culture for decades, even centuries. It is taken from the argan tree, and carefully crafted in an artisanal manner.

This precious oil has proven itself in the world of cosmetics for a long time now. Its benefits for the skin are numerous. It will soften the skin and thus prevent the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks. It deeply hydrates the skin and its antioxidant effect will repair damaged cells in the epidermis. In addition, argan oil allows the skin to regain its natural balance, and thus fights against oily skin.

Its benefits are also numerous for the hair. It will moisturize, repair and smooth damaged hair.

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