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My Khimar | The Mastour boutique for Muslim women

Being elegant while respecting the principles of modesty and modesty of Islam is possible! There online store Mon Khimar offers a wide choice of outfits and accessories adapted to the muslim woman anxious to comply with the recommendations of the Koran.

So dedicated site, easily find what you need to put together decent and trendy outfits, for all everyday occasions. No more endless fruitless shopping sessions in traditional stores to find THE missing piece for your halal dressing. In a few clicks from your sofa, make your “legislated” shopping on a complete range of Islamic veils

Whether you are looking for an outfit to go about your outdoor activities or get ready at home, offers a wide range of mastour clothing.

The essential khimar has many variations, practical and comfortable.

Each of them aims to sublimate Muslim women while conforming them to the Koran and the Sunnah. For special occasions, do not hesitate to accompany it with a abaya woman elegant.

In terms of materials, silk, cotton, viscose, lace… there is something for everyone! There is also no shortage of colors to satisfy all desires. Enough to create unique outfits, in your image.

Khimar, hijab and accessories to perfect your figure

In addition to the outfits, numerous accessories allow you to refine your style. THE hijabs come in a multitude of shapes, patterns and materials. Choose your favorite veil by choosing according to lengths, colors and design.

Of the scarves, gloves, stoles also elegantly perfect your silhouette. And because our deep convictions accompany us every day of the year, do not hesitate to order several models. Some are more suitable for the summer season while others are more suitable for the cold winter.

Speaking of summer, know that the Mon Khimar store goes further by presenting you with a selection of women’s burkini breathtaking.

Some models allow you to fill out hijab conditions. Then, there are others to wear only in the presence of your mahram.

Even the little ones are spoiled! Indeed, this Muslim ready-to-wear store think also of the children, with long dresses for little girls. Enough to create delicious mother-daughter bonding moments around the veiled shopping !

A Muslim store with a bright future

THE wearing hijab for the Muslim woman does not tolerate any dispute from a religious point of view. It represents a clear order from Allah, particularly through Surah Al-Ahzab.

Thus, the Islamic veil aims to preserve the modesty and integrity of the woman, by hiding her finery from outside eyes.

In summary, is THE reference store for finding stylish and decent outfits, in accordance with the principles of the Koran.

Its wide choice allows you to create unique looks, while displaying your belonging to the Muslim religion. So don’t hesitate any longer, and treat yourself to this site dedicated to veiled women!

Soon, all our akhawat will flock to to complete or even compose their daily wardrobe.

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