Our 7 podcasts for fall 2023 to learn more about trees

Our 7 podcasts for fall 2023 to learn more about trees

What are the trees called? Podcasts dedicated to the defense of the environment regularly address this issue, paying tribute to these majestic plants. The episode “Tell me about the trees”, from the series From cause to effect on France Culture, online on the Radio France website, responds: “Trees are beings gifted with sensitivity and intelligence. » “By absorbing carbon dioxide, the tree is an ally in the fight against global warming,” adds forester Clément Réglat in episode 15 of the excellent podcast, intended for adults and children, initiated by the NFB Hey Clément, can you explain the forest to us? On the very usefulness of deciduous and coniferous trees, it will be necessary to refer to the very educational “What are trees for?” », from the podcast Curious about science from the magazine Images Doc.

Across borders

For a panoramic tour of this subject, As long as there are trees collects stories, on the initiative of Nathalie Grosz, forest bathing guide certified in silvotherapy*. In the same wake, Trees which comes to us from Wallonia, is a collection of interviews in which Belgians linked to the world of trees share their experiences in a context of climate change. In the same vein, the French agroforestry association has chosen the term Cambium (named after the tissue responsible for the formation of wood) to put online a series which tells the stories, practices and production systems of farmers who, throughout France, make the tree the ally of their daily. Furthermore, the first episode of the podcast In forest gives the floor to Julie de Saint-Blanquat, founder of the Études sauvage association, who explains how and why this association buys plots of private forests in France to “leave them in complete freedom to evolve”.

Finally, to find out if this podcast walk was fruitful, you have the opportunity to test your knowledge in episode 15 of the podcast (this is how Quebecers call podcasts) Oh ! the quiz from Radio Canada entitled “The Trees”. You will learn, for example, which betulaceae is the homophone of a word which means work!

*Unconventional medical practice based on the idea that being in a forest or near trees has a beneficial effect on health and well-being.

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