Prayer of the mountain pilgrim

Prayer of the mountain pilgrim

“Lord Jesus, You who made such a long journey from the Father to come and pitch your tent among us; You who were born by chance of a journey, and have traveled all the roads, that of exile, that of pilgrimages, that of preaching: take me from my selfishness and my comfort, make me a pilgrim.

Lord Jesus, You who have so often taken the mountain path, to find silence, to find the Father; to teach your apostles, proclaim the beatitudes; to offer your sacrifice, send your apostles, and return to the Father; draw me upward, make me a mountain pilgrim.

Following the example of Saint Bernard, I have to listen to Your word, I have to let myself be moved by Your love. Constantly tempted to live peacefully, You ask me to risk my life, like Abraham, in an act of faith. Constantly tempted to settle down, You ask me to walk in hope towards You the highest summit in the glory of the Father.

Created by love, to love, grant, Lord, that I walk, that I climb, by the summits towards You, with all my life, with all my brothers, with all creation, in audacity and adoration.


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