Rebellious France acclaimed by Muslims

Rebellious France acclaimed by Muslims

A vote still anchored to the left. In the European elections, 62% of Muslim citizens who went to the polls voted for La France insoumise, according to an Ifop poll for The cross dated June 9. Results similar to those of the first round of the 2022 presidential election, which saw 69% of Muslim voters choose Jean-Luc Mélenchon. This score in the European elections must however be interpreted in the light of a strong abstention, which amounts to 59% among the Muslim electorate, or 10% more than among all those registered.

Very far behind the vote for the head of the LFI list Manon Aubry, Raphaël Glucksmann won 8% of the French Muslim vote, then Renaissance and the National Rally each 6%. A drop compared to 2022, where this electorate voted 14% for Emmanuel Macron, in the first round of the presidential election.

A vote particularly motivated by the war in Gaza

Among the determining issues of their vote for this European election, 83% of Muslim voters cited the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, compared to only 25% of the entire population. The importance given to the war in Gaza may be one of the explanations for their majority choice for LFI, which placed emphasis on this subject during the campaign, in particular by placing the Franco-Palestinian activist Rima Hassan in seventh position on its list led by Manon Aubry.

A more widely shared subject, health is also an important issue for 79% of them, as for 66% of all French people. In third position, the fight against racism and discrimination is considered decisive by 78% of Muslims, and by 41% of the general population.

Three-quarters of Muslims (76%) also believe that the subject of raising wages and purchasing power plays a big role, like education (73%), but also the fight against delinquency (73%), foreign policy (71%) as well as the fight against unemployment (65%).

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