Returned and converted

Returned and converted

At the end of the 1980s, as a student at the Sorbonne, I attended the chaplaincy. One evening, after a meeting, I headed to the metro in the company of Alain, a discreet and helpful student who participated in all the activities. Arriving at Saint-Michel station, Alain stops and suddenly asks me: “Would you like to be Barnabé for me? »

Thinking that he was talking about a guy from the chaplaincy, I was surprised: “There is a Barnabé in the chaplaincy? » He specifies: “Barnabé is the one who introduced Saint Paul into the Christian community. Would you like to be my baptismal godfather? » So unexpected, this question turned my life upside down. Stunned – I felt like Moses in front of the burning bush – I suggested: “It’s midnight, we’re going to bed, I’ll get back to you in three days.” »

To tell the truth, this invitation terrified me. To take on the role of godfather, I thought, you had to know the Bible, pray like our chaplain and lead an exemplary life. I said to the Lord: “I feel incapable of doing this. But if you are all-powerful, you should be able to make me a godfather. So, I accept. You better help me! » So I accompanied Alain to the baptism, with the chaplain.

A dialogue comes to mind, among others, in a bar. I recount Jesus' meeting with a woman and their exchange on the theme of water. And Alain peacefully clarifies: “Yes, it is the Gospel of John, in chapter 4, when Jesus says to the Samaritan woman: “If you only knew the gift of God. ” » It was surreal. Alain knew the Scriptures almost by heart and evangelized to me!

Seized with jealousy, I called out to the Lord: “Why have you revealed everything to him, while he is discovering faith, while you are present in my life in homeopathic doses! To think that I have been looking for you for twenty-one years! » On the day of his baptism, Alain, transfigured, had his face beaming with joy. We became great friends, in a deep brotherhood, “brotherhood in Christ”. I had been “turned around” and converted, moving from an inherited faith to an accepted faith.

Unforeseen fruit, thanks to Alain's request, I realized that the Lord could choose me to put myself at his service, despite my limitations. Later, and after other founding meetings, I became a priest for all, at the service of “friendship in the Lord”.

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