Special issue “150 years of the Pilgrim”

Special issue “150 years of the Pilgrim”

Special issue “150 years of the Pilgrim”

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150 years of world and social events followed by the Pilgrim… this HS is a collector’s item which celebrates the very first weekly press news in France born in 1873!
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The fabulous adventure of the Pilgrim is a treasure of media history:
• Read information as your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, enlightened and commented by the journalists of today’s Pilgrim. How was the weekly positioned in the great historical debates and the highlights of the time and why ? How did he support his readers on major social issues?

• Discover reproductions of pages and images since its astonishing birth linked to Lourdes pilgrimage. Entire generations followed a century and a half of major events and developments in our society : the two wars, the conquest of space, Vatican II, the transformation of family models, the struggles of societal commitments, the evolution of the media…

Several million loyal readers of Le Pèlerin since 1873! The secret of the lasting links between this popular, supportive, committed family newspaper and its readers who form a unique community? Readers’ letters, major meetings and small announcements, calls for contributions for major causes, sharing of testimonies, pilgrimages… We tell you about all the paths that have forged links over 150 years.

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