Ten previously unseen photos of Padre Pio revealed

Ten previously unseen photos of Padre Pio revealed

Fifty-six years after his death, in 1968, photos of Padre Pio have just been unveiled in a partnership between the Saint Pio Foundation and the Vatican. These 10 black and white film photos were taken by Italian photographer Elia Stelluto.

Rare and almost… mystical shots

Here are 10 exceptional photos straight out of Elia Stelluto's personal archives. Their light, both dark and light, is captivating. A particular mysticism surrounds these images of the Capuchin celebrating mass, blessing a rosary, or surrounded by his Capuchin brothers. These photos manage to “ show the saint in all his simplicity », explains the photographer quoted by Aleteia. Despite a dark environment, typical of the convent of San Giovanni Rotondo in the Puglia region (Italy), a particular light emerges around the figure of Pio. “ I'm not strong assures Stelluto, but these are mysterious photos… Padre Pio was luminous, without this being explained “. Sometimes only altar candles illuminated the photographed scene!

Elia Stelluto was very close to Padre Pio from his childhood, and accompanied him for a quarter of a century in San Giovanni Rotondo, after his return from Argentina. He was also one of Pio's many altar boys. Photographing the capuchin was a difficult task for this photographer who had to work without flash. The Padre refusing them during mass. Many times, he says that the monk would have become annoyed, to the point of asking “ bring in the carabinieri », in your firm but complacent tone.

Images, today, made available to all by the Italian opera singer Luciano Lamonarca, president of the Saint Pio Foundation, a New York organization promoting Padre Pio throughout the world. A goal : ” In all countries there are many people who will never be able to come to Pietrelcina and San Giovanni Rotondo but it is up to us to make the saint accessible to them », entrusts the president to Aleteia. These photos can therefore be downloaded via the foundation’s website: levraisaintpio.org

The official presentation to the public of these photos took place at the Vatican, this Monday, April 29, 2024, with the support of the dicasteries for Communication and for Education and Culture. Luciano Lamonarca notably recalled that the holy Capuchin monk, canonized in 2002, through these photos could invite “ reflect on our relationship to suffering ” For ” suffer with decency ” and the ” to offer ” farewell. And to conclude: “ By promoting his charisma, we humbly acknowledge Saint Pio for his blessings and protection during all these years “.

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