Testimony of faith.  Our storms

Testimony of faith. Our storms

Last October 28, despite the storm that hit the nearby ocean, our hearts were burning, full of joy to bring together family and friends around a thanksgiving mass, then a celebration. : we celebrated our forty years of marriage, in the presence of the priest who had blessed our union. What a joy to thank the Lord, and our spouse, for his faithfulness, while recognizing, at the beginning of the celebration, the difficulty of our path!

Our couple had come from a long way away. Here is how we reread this path today:

– Hélène: Our four children were born from love, even if, from the start, our relationship experienced crises. However, we celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. Then, tensions increased: we often lived in parallel and on the verge of breaking up. But, every time we wanted to separate, one of our children experienced an important event; thanks to them, and for them, we stayed together.

– Olivier: I have sometimes doubted our sacrament of marriage. At the same time, I felt the love between us and the presence of God by our side in delicate moments. Everyone prayed for the other. For thirty years, we followed all the existing couples sessions and met several therapists. The crisis of winter 2023 was an electric shock; Hélène then found yet another “couple healing” retreat, which was held four months later. For the first time, we went there hand in hand, with the confident desire to heal, each of us, and together. The teaching was adjusted and remarkable. Blessed fruit of this retreat*: we have decided to celebrate and celebrate our forty years of life together.

– Hélène: “As on the icon of the Resurrection, before which we prayed, Jesus grabbed us in the same momentum, to draw us towards life. Conscious of being poor before the Poor, we were taken from the grave. »

To kick off the party, our children – relieved and so happy! – hosted a flashmob on the joyful Christian tube How can we not praise you? to which we danced happily! Since then, invited friends have confided to us how our testimony gave them hope. We believe it: Jesus saves, with our “yes” to repeat every day. »

*Couples Healing Retreat. This year, from February 25 to March 2. Complete.

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