the CFCM gives itself new statutes, with more weight given to local players

the CFCM gives itself new statutes, with more weight given to local players

The French Council for Muslim Worship (CFCM) gave itself, on Sunday March 12, new statutes giving more weight to the “departmental structures”he announced in a press release, after an extraordinary general meeting.

“New statutes of the CFCM were adopted unanimously by those present or represented, thus paving the way for a major overhaul”, writes the organization which was until 2021 the body for dialogue with the authorities on issues relating to the organization of Muslim worship.

End of the weight of mosque federations

This redesign includes two major changes: firstly “a reorganization of the CFCM on the basis of departmental structures in which all the mosques of France can sit, in an egalitarian manner”he assures.

This reform is also based on the “end of the cooptation system” of half of the members of the CFCM, putting an end to the weight of the federations of mosques attached to the countries of origin (Algeria, Morocco, Turkey). This system was the cause of the strong internal dissensions that have paralyzed the CFCM in recent years.

Representation of “more than 1,100 mosques”

“Through these two changes, the CFCM wishes to give back the floor to local actors elected by their peers who will have the necessary legitimacy, explains the press release. These actors who bring together common concerns will abolish the artificial borders and divisions that have severely hampered the CFCM in its missions. »

The CFCM claims to represent “more than 1,100 mosques”out of some 2,500 places of worship in France. “This figure is expected to increase significantly with the new reform”, he says, adding that a “new electoral regulations will be adopted soon”.

At the end of February, the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, declared that he had “decided to end” at the CFCM as a forum for dialogue between the State and the Muslim religion since 2003, for the benefit of the Forum de l’islam de France (Forif), made up of actors in the field appointed by the prefects.

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