The French series “Lupin” which is a hit on Netflix returns for a season 3

The French series “Lupin” which is a hit on Netflix returns for a season 3

He is the most French of international heroes. And its reappearance on the screens is most anticipated. After the unexpected success of season 1 in January 2021 and the disappointment of part of the public with the second, put online six months later, this third season of Lupine , the release carefully orchestrated for months, arouses curiosity. The first parts of the epic of Assane Diop (Omar Sy), who, as a great reader of Maurice Leblanc, is inspired by Arsène Lupine to rehabilitate his father cheated by a rich leader, are invited to the third and sixth rows of the most viewed non-English series on Netflix (1). The mischief of the protagonist, the charisma of Omar Sy, the breathtaking rhythm, the notes of humor and the photography of the series, hit the mark.

During an interview for the film Skirmishers, released last January, the actor confided to us: “I like this character because he is a non-violent who fights against injustices with humor and elegance. I like Lupine and I like playing with him because he is playful himself and has panache. He’s a thief with values! There is something in his humanity that speaks to me, touches me and that I am capable of defending as an actor. »

This resounding success, which seems to have even surprised Netflix, is in line with the philosophy of its co-founder, Reed Hastings: “Produce locally to distribute globally.” For Capucine Cousin, author of Netflix, Amazon, Disney&Cie. The battle of the new audiovisual titans (2), “Lupine illustrates this point well: it is the adaptation of a French romantic saga, somewhat forgotten until now, produced and performed by French people. On screen, spectators discover Paris and Étretat. Certainly, there are emblematic places, such as the Louvre pyramid, but the capital is seen by French people.” Enough to avoid a few clichés while satisfying foreign spectators.

Another element which may have fueled the international craze: the choice to entrust the role to Omar Sy, a French actor of Senegalese and Mauritanian origins. “Netflix has a fairly assertive community strategy, visible in other series like The Bridgertons Chronicle Or Relentless, to reach a wider audience in the United States and around the world”, adds Capucine Cousin. Finally, the international career of Omar Sy (X-Men, Inferno… ) has nourished its pool of fans. They all share the same delight in discovering his range of acting in the role of this powerful and elusive gentleman burglar.

1) Netflix establishes its ranking based on views made within 91 days of the program being put online. Views are calculated by dividing the total number of hours viewed by the length of the program.
2) Updated reissue by Ed. Dunod Pocket.

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